Learning Management system

What type of businesses today need to use a learning management system?

  • Coaches
  • Mentors
  • Trainers
  • Knowledge Brokers
  • Companies SOP’s
  • Companies Trainings
  • Inductions

Learning management system is being mainly used for coaches, mentors, teachers and whoever has special skill that wants to teach it to others and generate an income from it.

One of the recent projects that we worked on was for a Sydney based company who wanted to automate their induction process for new employers. Sydney Website design Agency proposed learning management system to this company, we mapped out, explain the process and how it operates. Client was asked to provide certain type of content when you form PDFs and legal documents so we can implement this process and automated for them they were 100% happy with the process and it has saved them tonnes of time.

Our LMS Recommendation

There are a lot of software’s on the market for learning management system. Some we highly recommend, and they are some we do not, it is because:

  • It is not your online real estate for these no tick put a red Cross
  • limited to the features
  • Limited to marketing advertising
  • High monthly fee plus percentage of the sales

These are the reasons why we highly recommend to our clients to have their own management system built on the website as it will over the time impacts the traffic and the marketing and it’s because the amount of the visitors to the websites generate data and helps the search engine algorithms.

Some of the features of LMS

  • Courses
  • Lessons
  • Modules
  • Questions & Assessments
  • Assignment submissions
  • Certificates & Levels
  • Quiz delivery method
  • Drip-feed lessons
  • Conditioning
  • Provide official certificates

For coaches and mentors we highly recommend to them to focus on creating and advancing their material while we manage the technology stack for them.

For all other business we highly recommend for them to have their safety operating procedures and all their trainings in LMS as everything is tracked and well documented.

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