Content Marketing is KING

In our digital real estate, content marketing is everywhere. At Sydney Website Design Agency we have a nickname for it “THE SILENT SALES REP”.  Think about for a moment and see how much content have you consumed in the last 24 hours, weeks, or month? But I bet you never had to think how much energy, time and research has been put into the content you are consuming unless you are a writer.

Content marketing can be extremely sensitive topic, not because some people did not do well in language “writing and reading” or English is their second language “Like Me”. It is because to write any content you first need to have structure on what to write about, and then you need to have the Knowledge in what you are writing about.

Thousands of businesses are on the affiliate platforms, including some big brands. Most brands even have their affiliate marketing platform, like Amazon, eBay, Google G Suite Microsoft Office.

Every business is acquiring customers and customer acquisition cost could get pricey depending on your product and services

When we ask our clients to provide us with content, we get a long pause followed by numerous questions such as…

  • what do I write about?
  • I am not a content writer
  • how many words do I need?

Type of content used for content marketing.

  • Content writing
    Websites, Articles, blog post
  • Conversational content.
    its use for podcast and media interviews.
  • Video content
    Is mainly used for educational purposes.
  • Images or infographics
    They carry the message in image format.

To simplify the process, here is a basic framework with an example.

  1. Ask, what is the objective of writing this content?
    It is through the content we communicate to our audience by informing them of our product and services.
  2. Headline
    Depending on what type of content, your headline can be enticing or short/bold. Content marketing is KING…
  3. What is the message?
    Content writing/marketing is the core structure of any website, when provided upfront It helps designer to design the website based on the message in the content.
  4. What problems are we solving?
    We help businesses, start-ups and coaches in Sydney to succeed online by providing all the core services in digital marketing.
  5. Call to action

Request your audience or reader to process through the stage towards your product.

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