Email Marketing is complex

Just like any other task in business, email marketing has a journey “procedure” as well, we call it the ongoing journey because we all need to continually communicate with our clients through our emails.

Every email sent out carries a story and just any story we have

  • Subject line
  • Main content of the message
  • The ending

There are 2 types of emails used for email marketing, text format email and email designed format.

Plain-Text format email it is mostly used for marketing purpose what you see in a text format email is, lines of text and a call to actions.

Design format email is when you get to design the whole email, and you can add images on the header, body, footer, and text in the email.

Emails are used for many purposes, such as.

  • Newsletters
  • Onboarding emails
  • eCommerce invoice emails
  • Interacting emails
  • Lead nurturing emails

Many business owners use plain text email, it is because it has a higher open rate and lower chance of it going to spam or promotional folder.


One of the important elements of email marketing is segmentation. Segmenting clients based on categories or the milestone of their journey, in our case we have segmented the clients who have ECommerce website in one category our coaching and mentoring clients in another category the basic website in another category. It is because our clients who have a basic website will have no interest in hearing about eCommerce updates or products.

There are many email service providers, and they are all great with different operating strategy.

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