Referral marketing has been one of our biggest avenues to prospect or building client.

The leads from referral marketing strategy comes through two avenues.

  1. From your existing clients.
  2. From networking events.

Yes, they both carry their strategies… let me ask you a question? When was the last time you have completed a project or provided your services and asked your client if they know of anyone who needs your product or services? The answer we get often is extremely low. If you have provided the brilliant product or service to your client and there is no shame in asking your clients if they know anyone that they would use your product or services. Because of the simple strategy, many of our clients have come through referral marketing.

Business Referral Group BRG, Business Networking Group BNI and Chamber of Commerce

 Another way of referral marketing is attending network meeting groups in Sydney, Australia. We have a Business Referral Group “BRG”, Business Networking Group BNI, and Chamber of Commerce which are the most popular network marketing groups in Sydney. Some of our partners are members of these networking event. Our team members have been actively involved in business networking over the last decade.

How to get the best result through business networking

  • Attend regularly
  • Arrive early
  • Be presentable
  • Have business cards with you
  • Meet and greet other members
  • Send greeting email Subject “It was pleasure meeting you”
  • Connect in social media such as LinkedIn
  • Build relationship

It takes several personal skills to interact with other business owner that you meet at the networking events. To receive the best interaction, act as if you are hosting the business networking event.

Once you meet and greet with other business owners, do not just collect their business card and add their email to your newsletter

send them a greeting email and ask them if they like to be part of your newsletter, you will have a much better chance for them to be part of your newsletter this way.

If you need an invitation to any business networking meeting, connect with us through social media platforms and request for an invitation by direct message.

Referral Marketing agency
Referral Marketing agency
Referral Marketing agency
Referral Marketing agency