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Business who does not take advertising seriously, do not have clear understanding of how many different strategies and platform of advertising is out there in the digital real estate.

Many Business owners have tried some pf the basic and claim advertising does not work…

Henry Ford once said, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

10 to 12 years ego you only have the option of TV, Radio, Yellow Pages, News Papers, Magazine and letter box drops and it was mainly for medium or large size business.

Now with the power of technology of social media, Google and YouTube plus other third party digital platforms there are many ways start an advertising campaign that are more effective than the old days.

You need to remember this that every advertising campaign is structured with tonnes of marketing and sales strategies that helps the advertising campaign to be successful.

Advertising campaigns in three stages

  1. Planning before advertising
  2. Managing during advertising
  3. Providing a great service adding unexpected values to sell more product or services.

To run a successful advertising campaign you must have many elements of an advertising campaign in place and mapped out, such as campaign objectives “Sales or Leads”, sales copy, images, videos, retargeting, upsell, down sell, sales page, shopping cart, email sequences and so on…
All these elements carry their own strategy, and they are all different based on the industry, budget and outcome.  

Three main areas of digital advertising

  • Search engines advertising
    Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo etc

  • Social Media Advertising
    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, linkedin, Tiktok etc

  • Third party platforms
    News Media, Blog websites etc

Number these strategies are built in our clients website from the concept as per their advertising planning. 

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