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Google Advertising or Facebook advertising

One of the main questions we often get asked is which advertising platform we should use, Google advertising or Facebook advertising? Why is this common question to us? Mainly it is because businesses owners have heard stories from their business colleagues on which advertising platform, they had success with; hence it has become questionable.

It is not a simple answer, but it comes down to following…

·       What is your product or services?

·       Who are your target audience?

·       Where are your target audience?

·       When do they act?

·       What Keywords do they search?

Googles three types of ads are, display advertising, search advertising and video advertising.

Google “Intent based” is great because people searching for your product or services and then your advertising appear in front of them.

Facebook advertising “Social based” is different

Ever since Facebook had purchased Instagram, now Instagram advertising is managed by Facebook ads manager too, you can still advertise from Instagram. Facebook ads type are, image ads, video ads, carousel ads and collection ads. Facebook is great because Facebook knows who & where your audiences are to display your advertising in front of your audience.

Sydney website design agency we recommend to our clients to have budgets for both platforms to advertise if it’s possible.

Now you have a basic idea what the difference between both platforms are, you can make a better decision on planning the whole advertising campaign and what elements needed to have successful advertising campaign.

Google advertising is mainly based on keywords and phrases; hence, we strongly recommend keyword research upfront.

The main reason that any business wants to advertise is to generate leads, create sales and increase their revenue. Advertising through Google or Facebook it’s not the only stream that generate leads end sales. Advertising it’s the paid way off generating leads and on the other hand search engine optimisation it’s the organic way off generating leads.

We love this theory, and we constantly use it, “ocean is not filled from one stream off river”. This Proves that each business needs multiple sources of lead generations because if one stream or source dries out the business will dry out too…

Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising are the two most successful online advertising platforms. They both have their distinct features. Each business owner must run a successful campaign on both platforms.

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