Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Pinterest and LinkedIn are the social media platforms who allows you to advertise.

Facebook is the leading social media advertising platform out of all of them, which has an and amazing tool called Audience targeting.

Facebook offers a large range of targeting options. What is their Age, gender, location or what is their interests and favourites?

Where a lot of business get freak out is what kind of audience should you go after how big or small should your audience be how do you know if the audience that you chose is a good one Facebook offers three primary audience types

  • saved audience
  • custom audience
  • look alike audience

Saved audience custom audience and look-alike audience let us go through the basics of each of these so that you know what your options are.

Saved audiences

Saved audiences allows you target people based on demographics interests and locations for demographics you have a lot of targeting options that help you refine your audience like age range gender and language for example you can target people interested in things that your target audience is interested in and are related to your business product

Custom audiences

Custom audiences allow you retarget past website visitors and people who have engaged with your content, these people have shown interest in your brand already they can be your highest value audience there are a few different ways to create a custom audience

  • Customer file
  • Website traffic
  • Activity
  • Engagement on Facebook

Look alike audiences

Look alike audiences allows you target people who look like your existing customer database to create a look like audience you need to first create an audience that you want it to look like which you can do by creating a custom audience first once you pick a custom audience to base your look like audience
Social Media Advertising Agency
Social Media Advertising Agency