SEO Strategy

Our belief

Sydney website design agency strongly believes that search engine optimization is one of the most powerful strategies each business must have it is not a need it is a MUST.

Depending what category your business is in will depend on what kind of an SEO services you need, here are the three type of SEO services

  • Local SEO service
  • National SEO services
  • Global SEO services

SEO strategy is like cooking a recipe.

Content strategy, keyword research, link building, on site and off site page SEO are the main elements “ingredients” of any SEO Strategy “local SEO, National SEO & Global SEO”.

Just like cooking a meal you need all the ingredients and the recipe beforehand then you need to prepare and get ready for cooking, then eat your meal and wash up… Or you can simply dine out and there is no preparation, cooking and cleaning.

Main elements of any SEO services are related content, images, links and keyword.

Strategy is the recipe, now that you have prepared all the elements of the SEO, you have the strategy the recipe now you need to start putting everything together to achieve the outcome you are aiming for in your SEO.  

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