Social Media Audience

How a correct Social Media Audience will help your success

Social Media Audience that is what we call it, other phrases for it “avatar, ideal customer, perfect client or raving fans”

Correct Social Media Audience will increase your engagement, Social Media platform will display your content more because of its engaging and in result you will generate more leads and sells. 

You must get a real clear answer on following beforehand.

  • What is your product and services “what problems you solve”?
  • When do they need your product services?
  • Who are you serving? Get as specific as you can “age group, gender, location, outcome etc”
  • Where does your target audience rub shoulders? “clubs or groups”
  • Why should use your product or services “what is the big promise”

When your target audience have invested in your product or services, what result do they get that they did not have before or what are they able do now that they could not do before? You must have number of strong points to this question.

You also need to consider what result they have achieved “lost 10 KG” in advance because it’s usually the outcome people are seeking for.

This will help you to get your results in a much shorter time frame.

You really need to figure this out up front, the more specific it is the stronger your target audience will be.

PLEASE Do not do this, I know we have done it before… Do not ask your family and friends to follow you. Unless they are the right audience because it massively impacts your data algorithm.

When you build a brand, you have leverage because people will buy because of the brand.

Sydney Website Design Agency we strongly believe the most effective way to build a brand is to provide enormous amount of value that no one else can. This is how we see brand building at world class level and that why most our client has come through word of mouth brand building from our raving clients.

This the real reason…

“You could be selling water for one dollar, but your friend will go and buy it somewhere else for three dollars because you didn’t sell it to them for fifty cents…” ok I have the truth and it is your choice.

By figuring out the target audience we can now use this everywhere, especially in social media. 

Here is an example on recent client who never had Website and our follow up.

  • Website Design, SEO and launch process 6 weeks.
  • First 3 months after the launch client appearing on the first page of google on their keywords.
  • 380 visitors visiting the website per month “at the beginning, increased later”
  • Our 3 months follow up meeting we showed our client that they had thousand plus visitors that they never had before “that when the penny dropped”

Client now hiring and training more team members to escalate their marketing.

All these result would be achievable if the client was not the correct target audience.

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