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Hi, I am Simon from boxes for business. I have known Michael Janamian from World Class Web Marketing and the Sydney Website Design Agency for quite a few years now.

And during that time I’ve seen some of the great websites that he and his team have created for others and recently he created a great new ecommerce website for my business and that ecommerce site is basically become a 24/ sales tool, which has not only enabled us to gain new customers but it’s also enabled us to sell products online, even while we’re closed and that’s something we just couldn’t do before so it’s early days yet but our online sales already about 6% of our overall turnover and that’s growing and that’s not counting those people who visit our website but choose to order over the phone instead of directly online so plenty of people can build websites, but they don’t all have an intimate knowledge of SEO like Michael and his team, their expertise is basically meant that we rank really high on certain keywords for online searches and that’s how most of our recent new customers are finding us so right from the outset, SEO strategies were in built into our website and it’s definitely helped increase our sales. So, in my mind, you can have the prettiest website in the world but if no one can find it or it doesn’t convert then it’s really just a waste of space.

And that’s one of the main reasons why we chose Michael and his team to build our website because they know what they’re doing in that area and, which is again in the future so if you’re after a website that gets results, I can happily recommend world class web marketing, and the Sydney website design agency.

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