Website Design Packages

Sydney Website Design Agency has created these small business website design packages for several reasons. The main reason is that we want to provide custom website design packages that can accommodate all of our clients’ needs. These web design packages are a guideline to help you choose the proper web design package for your small business.

We know that every business is unique and different. We also know that there are many small businesses out there that may require a large spectrum of services to get their professional website up and running. Some of our clients require only simple web page design while others require ecommerce, search engine optimisation, or the complete website package.

The following packages are merely suggestions. We strongly recommend for each visitor proceed through our strategy session, it’s a gift from us to all business owners. The strategy session is put together to make each business owner think about what they want to achieve with their online presence and professional custom website design.

Take a look through the web design packages listed below. If you feel that your business requires each or any service provided in these website design packages, then go ahead, book the strategy session for your business.

We have four custom website packages, and we will explain which website design package is suitable for what type of business. Just remember that each website design package can be changed and according to business needs, vision, goals, and modified in the future based on the growth of the business.

Website Design Execution Process

1 - Understanding

Your business, goals and vision.


2 - Propose

A process map of the journey


3 - Craft

A design for approval

4 - Develop

The website as per proposal


5 - Testing

The website and its operation


6 - Launch

Website to the digital world

Elements Used in Design Process

Literally; there are hundreds of elements used in developing and designing a website; we use what is needed according to the client's request, or we suggest it to clients because we know it can benefit them or produce the outcome, they desire with their web design.


Call To Action

Guiding the visitors to take certain actions on the web page is, it's a valuable asset in a web development project. A call to action can lead visitors into subscribing, purchasing, or performing another specific task.

Countdown Timer

Indicates remaining time for an event or sale with a countdown timer. A countdown timer is an effective web design widget when you want visitors to know exactly how long they must make a specific decision.


Website forms collect information from visitors. There are different types of Website forms such as website contact form, website survey form, website registration form, website feedback form, and website application.

Image Gallery

The image gallery is an excellent way to showcase clients' previous projects to new client's, it can help new clients get an idea of the work you can do for them. Images are useful in web design, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Image Slider

Image slider is a great, snappy way to display a series of images with captions in web design. With a little creativity and design, you can make them look great with many variations.

Google Map

Google map guides visitors and indicates the locality of your business in the city, it is important to attract new clients. We offer various ways of integrating of Google Maps in each web design project.

Social Media

Social media integration allows businesses to easily connect with their customers via the world's most popular social networks. Connecting your website to social media channels also allow visitors to share web pages, article, or blog posts.

Pricing Table

Pricing tables allow visitors to compare different services and plan accordingly to help them make decisions with their purchases. They show the features, potential savings, and monthly prices of various plans available.

Video Player

The video player can be used for many purposes in website design to achieve different outcomes from the message of the video. As a web design agency, we highly recommend our clients to have a professional video to increase their online presence.

Online Shop

Online shopping also knows as e-commerce is where clients' products or services can make purchases over the internet. E-commerce is the world's fastest-growing industry. We provide the best e-commerce solutions for businesses to exceed their sales expectations.


Blogs are for Creative businesses who are looking for a way to engage their customers. Whether selling products, services, or advertising your brand, blogging is the key to connect more directly with customers. This is not an easy task for every small business, but with time and the correct framework, results can be achieved.


The purpose of the newsletter is to provide educational information and news through your email marketing platform. Newsletter purpose is to make sure customers and clients are made aware of the company’s new information, concepts, products, and services for much easier lead generation.

Content Management System (CMS)

Our websites are built on an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that gives you access to the whole website. It's a search engine friendly, user-friendly, and simple platform that allows you to keep your website expanding as needed.

Site Map

A site map is a list of web pages in a website, typically hierarchical format. Site maps developed by designers before the launch of a Website. It also helps in outlining the website structure and indicates where different pages of a site are located and provides the user an option to navigate through the site easily by using it.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews powered by Google, web designer uses this tool to help your customers get valuable insights into your company. Google rating is one of the best marketing methods to increase sales. People are likely to trust you more once they know that other people have used your services and were satisfied.

Website Packages

Brief explanation on Website Packages we offer and if it is suitable to your needs



Startup Package

The startup Website package is great for small startup businesses who want a great start online, with a low budget and planning to expand their small business locally in Australia. This affordable custom website design package contains all the necessary features to have a successful website as a startup.

This package is good not only for small business websites; Also for individuals who are looking to have a personal website designed.



Premium Package

Premium Website package is suitable for businesses who require multiple pages in their website, need to increase the number of leads through their professional website, and nurture their clients with newsletters and articles. It’s the next level up from the startup package. Responsive design is all packages.



Ecommerce Package

The ecommerce website package includes all the items included in our premium package, plus it has added ecommerce to sell products or services online. The process of designing an ecommerce website differs from other website packages in several ways. In the ecommerce Website design package, we include a control panel to manage inventory and orders.



Courses or E-learning Packages

The Courses or e-learning Packages for service providers such as coaches, mentors, and tutors, etc. The design and development of an E-learning Website are very technical with full automation and require a lot of planning and development. We provide E-learning Website packages that include everything depending on the business goals and budget.

Website Packages

Website Design Packages Guidelines…

Number of pages
Stock Images
Fully Responsive
Blog Design and Set Up
SSL Certificate
Newsletter Function
Contact form
Social Media Integration
Email support
Customer Logins
Ecommerce Design
Product Setup
Payment Gateway
Subscription Setup
Course Design
Course Setup
Course Lesson Setup
Landing Page
Marketing Funnels
Training Session
Up to 20
Up to 25

Small Business Website Packages FAQ

What are Web design packages?
Web design packages are sets of services that a website design agency offers to businesses. Small businesses can choose which package they want based on their budgets and goals.
What should be included in a web design package?
A web design package should always include professional and User-friendly responsive Design, Images, Navigation, contact form, Clickable Map, Secure Shopping Cart, and Ordering System, Mobile Optimised Website
What is WordPress?
WordPress is a website platform that allows users to upload photos, videos, music, blogs, and design websites. 40.0% of all websites in the world run WordPress. WordPress is the most popular and widely used content management system. This site is built on a WordPress website too.
Website hosting services
Website hosting services allow web designers to store files, codes, data, and images of websites to be able to display on the internet. These websites are mostly built using PHP, MySQL, and HTML programming languages. This gives you the ability to create dynamic content for your website users.
Google Analytics
Each website is assigned an individual Google Analytics account for tracking visitors through all search engines.
SEO Friendly and responsive website
We build SEO mobile friendly, feature rich, and responsive websites that are 100% mobile optimised, search engine friendly, ensuring that they look fantastic and function properly on every device. Every website is SEO friendly and runs on the most common content management system WordPress.
Social media integration
Users can share and follow your company on social media through Social Media Integration.
Stock images

You can select stock images from our library, and we provide stock images to every website package