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YouTube Advertising

YouTube in the second biggest search engine has also an amazing capacity to advertise through video advertising.

People who are who search on YouTube are looking for a solution to the problem because of the searches on the keyboard and the key phrases, that is what makes it a strong platform to do video advertising. Plus, every content that you create on YouTube it’s there forever, and you can be forever generating traffic that could turn to leads in sales, especially if it is optimised correctly.

Here are some of the questions we get asked about YouTube advertising

Do we need to have a YouTube channel to advertise?
Yes, you need is just a channel with one video at least, and it does not have to be an active channel.

  • Is YouTube good for marketing?
  • YouTube, it is a great platform for advertising and marketing as mentioned YouTube in the second-biggest search you can do video marketing Video advertising.
  • How much budgets do I need to start a YouTube campaign?
    You can start the YouTube campaign as little as $5 a day and increase from there on.
  • How long does it take to get results from YouTube advertising?
    It really depends on what your product or services are and how much is your budget. We suggest do not accept any outcome for the first four to six weeks and allocate this budget for optimising and building some data on your advertising before you can start getting results.

Common problems that we come across is that businesses or clients start the YouTube channel.

They do one video or two and after a couple of weeks they get disappointed on the results “10 or 20 views” then they give up. The reasons they give up it is because they never had a structure, or a framework how to create an every video, how to optimise it, or even how to SEO the Video. Therefore, they get cold feet with such low view numbers. Instead, they should look for someone who is an expert in the area, it can help him to generate more leads through video marketing.

Businesses and clients who start doing advertising and life gets in the way or other tasks take priority, and they stop following through the process.
YouTube Ads Agency
YouTube Ads Agency
YouTube Ads Agency
YouTube Ads Agency
YouTube Ads Agency

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