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SEO Packages Sydney is a service name in our SEO department that provides different types of SEO packages for business owners who want to rank higher in organic search results, generate more leads, and see their revenue increase. 

It’s critical to know what type of SEO package you’ll need to get the greatest return on your investment.

We have put together three types of SEO packages to be used as a guideline, please ensure that you go through our onboarding process before you purchase any of our is your packages.

Through the onboarding process, we will gain a better understanding of what type of products and services the business provides. We determine who are the business competitors, what is the current process of your lead generation, where you are now and where you are heading. This way, we can estimate which is SEO package will be the bridge to close that gap for the business and to meet the business goals.

In this SEO Package Sydney page, we have gathered some items in each SEO packages and provide a brief description too. Because we know not everybody is tech-savvy and understands this SEO jargon’s.

SEO Packages Sydney

SEO tasks provided in each SEO Package Sydney  with a short description.


SEO Set up

The first month’s payment goes towards the initial set up of the SEO package suggested to the Client. There are several tasks involved in each SEO campaign Such as competitor analysis, lead generation strategy, SEO strategy, google my business management, etc…


Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of finding out what phrases people are using if they search google. The words or phrases that may come up when people google your business are called keywords. These words are also called search phrases, keyword phrases, topic phrases, keywords. In each SEO Package, we use several strategies to research keywords for each SEO campaign.



SEO Reporting

SEO Reports are the essential part to track each SEO campaign, each reporting format all depends on the SEO package the client has purchased. For example, in some SEO packages will be the monthly routine of reporting.

In each report, we make sure that we analyse what is going on with all the SEO campaigns. Each keyword, any drops or rise in rankings, campaign performance etc…



Google Analytics Setup and Integration

Google Analytics is the most important tool to track your website, it gives you all the data about how visitors are interacting with your site. Google reports on things like which pages they visit first and spent more time browsing, what keywords visitors entered to find our content etc… In each package, we integrate to google analytic not only to measure the progress of our hard work but also provide the report to each client on their new achievements



Google My Business Management

Google My Business is a free Google service that lets you manage your business information on Google Maps. You can use it to connect with customers, get insights about traffic and visibility, respond to reviews, see how many people are viewing your page in certain areas, and compare your page’s performance in different areas.


SEO Activities Per Month in each SEO Packages

Each SEO package gets allocated a certain number of hours each month. Each campaign has is its custom SEO strategy to what search engines are looking for to provide that traffic from Google search two that landing page for the sales page. All our SEO packages do you provide Google My Business management, Link building, content marketing and many other tasks that help tools are your results.


Content Marketing In SEO Packages

You most probably have heard that content is king… Content is not just text and words it also includes images, videos, and audio are as well, in digital marketing content is used differently as it is used in SEO. Contents are used in social media, newsletters, websites, Google My Business, or even email marketing. Local businesses In Sydney not only need the traffic to their website, but also need to convert that traffic to the website to paint customers. This is when we used to add digital marketing strategies to help generate sales from organic search and Google rankings.


Google Maps Optimisation in SEO Packages

The maps optimisation services that we provide in SEO packages helps local businesses to showcase themselves on the Google Maps search results. Local businesses can also capture additional traffic. We manage all aspects of your business information on the Google Maps search results including reviews, hours of operation, and more.


Competitor Analysis for Local SEO

To compete with other businesses in the area, a company has to do its research. This includes doing a competitor analysis and understanding their online Marketing. Doing this will help a business come up with a strategy that helps them best target their local customers.

This allows a business to know what keywords they are targeting and which channels they are using to market themselves online.


Lead Generation Guaranteed SEO Packages Sydney

We guarantee lead generation in each SEO packages in Sydney because we are result-driven and strongly believe the greater success of each client means we have a great chance to succeed too. This is why we use top-notch marketing strategies in our SEO packages and consult each client to have strong sales and landing pages to convert leads into long-term raving clients.

SEO Packages

No Contracts or Setup Fees!


$970 Per Month

For Local Businesses who are targeting clients locally.

Keywords Optimisation:
Up to 15 "Local + broad"

Keyword: Research

Analysis: Competitor

Google Setup:
Analytics & Search Console

Onsite: Optimisation

Offsite: Optimisation

Reports: Monthly Rank & Traffic

KPI Meeting: Every Quarter

Image: Optimisation

Google Maps: Optimisation

SEO Activities: 6 Hrs Per Month

Content Creation: 1 Per Month

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$1,870 Per Month

For eCommerce Businesses who are targeting clients locally.

Keywords Optimisation:
Up to 30 "Local + broad"

Keyword: Research
Analysis: Competitor

Google Setup:
Analytics & Search Console

Onsite: Optimisation

Offsite: Optimisation

Reports: Monthly Rank & Traffic

KPI Meeting: Bimonthly

Image: Optimisation

Google Maps: Optimisation

SEO Activities: 14 Hrs Per Month

Content Creation: 2 Per Month

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$2,700 Per Month

For National Businesses who are targeting clients at national level.

Keywords Optimisation:
Up to 45 "Local + broad"

Keyword: Research
Analysis: Competitor

Google Setup:
Analytics & Search Console

Onsite: Optimisation

Offsite: Optimisation

Reports: Monthly Rank & Traffic

KPI Meeting: Every Month

Image: Optimisation

Google Maps: Optimisation

SEO Activities: 22 Hrs Per Month

Content Creation: 1 Per week

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Top SEO Questions and Answered by SEO Specialists

Why should I invest in SEO?

SEO provides an opportunity to get more traffic and increase the website’s visibility.

Although there are many reasons to invest in SEO, Business owners should invest because if their website isn’t on the first page of Google they will miss out on potential new customers

Do Backlinks Help with SEO?

Yes, backlinks help in SEO, SEO Sydney creates backlinks through many sources such as guest blogging and link building to get high quality backlinks pointing to the website. If the website has fewer backlinks, it means that there are fewer websites that are linking to your business.

What is an XML Sitemap?

An XML sitemap is a file which contains a list of the website’s pages and their corresponding URLs. SEO Sydney adds XML sitemap to clients site to improve overall SEO performance by making it easier for Google bot to crawl.

SEO Sydney ensures all websites have an XML sitemap of website including images, blog posts and products.

Should I Focus on Long-Tail Keywords to Top Search Engine Rankings?

Yes, Business owners should focus on long-tail keywords because the competition is not as strong. Long-tail keywords are more specific which means your ads will be placed in front of people with a real interest in what you have to offer. Business SEO Sydney keeps the SEO strategy right from research, creating content for specific audience.

How Long does it Take for Google to Index a Website?

It depends on how many websites are linking back to your website. For Business SEO Sydney, the SEO Expert uses many techniques, such as submission of sitemap, RSS Feed submission and Google Analytics to get websites indexed quickly.

Business owners can ask SEO agency for help knowing when their website will be indexed by Google because every Business owner wants search engine rankings.

What is More Important SEO or Advertising?

Both SEO and Advertising are necessary since business owners should be aware that a company is made up of leads, marketing, sales and client relation building. If the owner wants to be successful, they must devote budget to both SEO and advertising.

What Type of Business is Sydney SEO Services Great For?

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Search Engine Optimisation vs Digital Marketing

Which one is best for Business owners? Both SEO and digital marketing are great tools to increase business leads, sales and revenue. The question comes down to whether the client wants internet marketing or regular advertising. In our opinion, Sydney SEO Services can help your business create a winning strategy no matter which service you choose.

Is Hiring a SEO Sydney Company Worth it?

Yes, Business owners should consider hiring SEO experts because it will increase the online visibility of their Business and improve rankings which means more leads, sales and profits for the Business. Business owners must make sure they hire an expert SEO firm like Sydney Website design Agency who has many years of experience successfully increasing traffic and improving website’s rankings.

Do you Provide SEO Packages?

Yes, SEO packages are customised SEO campaigns business owners can choose based on their Business goals and budget. Business Owners can also ask to find out which SEO package Sydney is suitable for them.

Does Social Media Helps With Organic Traffic?

Social media is a crucial part of the marketing services. Social media can help you increase your brand awareness, connect with customers and even improve your SEO results through organic traffic! Did you know? That 93% of marketing services use social media in their marketing strategy…

What Should Business Owners Know Before Hiring a SEO Sydney?

Before Business Owners hire an expert SEO agency they must know Business objective, Competition and Budget for SEO campaign. Business owners should also ask about SEO metrics to get Business insights and how the SEO agency will help Business reach its goals.

Will SEO Still Work in 2021?

Search engine algorithms are always changing, Business owners must know that SEO needs to adapt to new changes for their business website to stay on top of search engine rankings. Business owners should ask about the SEO strategy and what SEO agency will do to provide them with long-term results.

Why Content is the King?

Content is very important in SEO strategy and Business owners must know that SEO experts use keywords to create content for people searching online. Business owners should ask about the Business niche and what type of content they can create for their Business website.

What Happens When Business Doesn't Invest in SEO?

Google constantly updates its algorithm which means Business websites will lose traffic, leads and Business owners will start losing money. Business owners should make sure they hire an expert SEO firm like Sydney Website design Agency who has many years of experience successfully increasing traffic and improving rankings.

How SEO Specialists Measure SEO Results and Website Traffic?

SEO specialists use many tools and software’s for measuring SEO results and website traffic. Measurement is a very important part of SEO. To determine if you are making progress, it’s necessary to find a way to quantify your results. Because, as we know, “what gets measured gets done.”

Why Small Businesses Need SEO?

Small Businesses need to be where the customers are online and in order for them to stay in front of competitors, they must hire best SEO agency. Business owners must make sure they hire an SEO firm like Sydney Website design Agency who has many years of experience successfully increasing traffic and improving rankings

Is There any Trusted SEO Agency in Sydney

Small number of our clients have come through other SEO agency in Sydney, simply because they didn’t have a good experience but we can assure you there are number of excellent SEO agency in Sydney, we are happy to be one of great SEO agency Sydney.

What is a Good SEO Strategy?

Business owners must inquire about SEO strategy from their SEO professional since each business websites need distinct material to keep visitors on the site longer. Businesses should also make sure they engage an SEO agency who experienced in increasing traffic and improving google ranking with search engin, such as Sydney Website design Agency.

Is Yours SEO Sydney Packages are Transparent SEO Services in Sydney

Our SEO services in Sydney is where all our processes start. We agree upon realistic goals, set the groundwork for success and go forward to take massive action for you!

We provide high-quality SEO Packages. Our SEO packages are supported by a transparent reporting system that offers you comprehensive insight into the work we’ve done. On a daily basis, you can keep track of your website’s development and search engine rankings.

Can Page Speed Help to Improve SEO?

Page speed is one of the most important ranking aspects in search engines. Page speed, also known as website page load time, is the amount of time it takes a page to fully load after a web browser has requested it. Page speed has been proven to be an important method of improving SEO ranking. Page speed can be check with different tools online.

What are 5 Top SEO Secrets you Don't Want to Miss Out on?

Top SEO secrets No 1: Responsive mobile optimised website.

Top SEO secrets No 2: Proper use of keywords and phrases .

Top SEO secrets No 3: Content is the king. Proper use of keywords and phrases.

Top SEO secrets No 4: Target market is the Queen

Top SEO secrets No 5: Link building is like your business network. Back links from reputable sites to boost your search engine ranking.


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