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Content Strategy

Are you ready for some content strategy?

What is considered as a content strategy?
Anything we do, and it does not matter what field or trade you are in, there is a process and procedures that you must follow through.

We are quite sure in the filed you are an expert at has certain strategies that helps you to achieve the desirable outcome. Each strategy has its step-by-step process, so you cannot go through six and seven with going through four and five. Remember this two-basic formula “Before + Now + After” next one is “Attention Grabber + Ask question + Explain the Process + Call to Action”.

The Magic Formula

Content strategy has different formula, all depending on what is its purpose and where it is used. Here are different essential areas in Content strategy:
• Story telling content strategy
Search engine optimisation content strategy
• Sales copy content strategy
Marketing content strategy
Advertising content strategy
Blog post or article content strategy
• Call to actions content strategy.

Main purpose of content strategy in SEO “search engine optimisation” is to aim for ranking on certain keywords. As a part of the content strategy for SEO, we need to know how much of the keywords we will be using, and what category does that keyword falls under. All of this without forgetting to take our audience through the journey of what the headline “Main keyword or topic” is about.

You may think why is SEO search engine optimisation used in content strategy?

If you pay attention to the content and repeated keywords, which is also in the URL on his page.

This does not mean that this page will be ranked for these keywords SEO search engine optimisation just by keywords itself, It’s just here for example purposes only.
We have covered the headline and grab your attention; otherwise you would not be this far into this page and reading this.

Then we ask 2 questions. Following by giving some content for the body of the page.

Now, this section of the page is about call to action. You should notice the button right underneath this content that will be asking you to take further action for your Search Engine Optimisation, this way you too can achieve the results just luck other clients.

Content marketing agency
Content marketing agency
Content marketing agency
Content marketing agency
Content marketing agency
Content marketing agency

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