Social Media Management

Social Media Management Who is it for and why it is a MUST.

Only an average 51% of SMBs in Australia have a social media account, this is only at its peak… 

The Businesses who are super active are wining. Let us face it, there are tons of tactics to use on social media, and they are constantly changing. Now image you must operate your business and keep up with tactics and manage your social media too… Just thinking of it, you are getting overwhelmed, right? You need a Social manager, or you can use our services.

This is one of main reason you why the 49% are not on social media.

Not to mention out of the 51% more than half are not active with their social media at all. As of February 2021, there are 3560 jobs for social media manager on seek, this industry did not exist a decade ago, and it’s growing.

Discussion about SMM

Having a discussion with some of the Sydney based business owners and one more reason they fail at social media managing is everything else has higher priority over social media.

Another reason is they just do not know what to share or how to work it…

Just like any other job description a social media manager has one too “If you Need one feel free to reach out”

If you need any of the following, you need a social media manager.

In hiring your social media manager make sure you measure performance base on leads, sales or results instead of likes, share, comment or follows.

Ensure that you are working with a seasoned social media expert to reap the best results for your social media marketing campaigns.
Social Media Management Agency
Social Media Management Agency
Social Media Management Agency
Social Media Management Agency

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