Sydney Website Design Agency

It was like yesterday, but it was 2011 when I hired three different digital marketing agencies to design an ecommerce website for my promotional product business.

Wasted sixteen months, $30,000 plus, with three different website design agencies. They all failed to deliver in some shape or form.

I decided that I will learn how to design website as I already had graphic design experience from printing, Media and the promotional product company.

I designed my first website as an affiliate for Tony Robbins in Sydney, ranked that website to first page of google and sold 14 tickets to his unleash the power within seminar.

I was scared but stoked & felt like I got my mojo back… BOOM

I knew I was on the right path to get further faster.

I decided to build a FREE website for a local business networking group. Using my SEO skills ranked this website on the first page of Google; Members of the Business networking group were surprised from the results.


Referrals started rolling and by power of reciprocity World Class Web Marketing started to thrive.

I decided I will invest in the best trainings available not only in myself also for my clients’ future investments in our company.

Fast forward 3 years I got trained by some of the world best coaches, some who you may have heard of such as Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Dean Grasiozi, Russell Brunson, Frank kerns, Eban Pegan and many others.

These training covered the area of mindset, habits, systems, business, sales, marketing, coaching, product and website launching etc.

With these trainings we can now start, escalate and execute any business systematically.

In the meantime we have built up a team to coach and train clients through each process of their digital marketing project or we just take on their project and execute it.
It was a pandemic in 2020 that made me realise that I need to rise and help the fellow small business owners in Sydney and Sydney Website Design Agency was established…

I needed to help other businesses especially small business owners through these uncertain times and prevent them from making same mistakes as I did and thrive in business instead giving up or even going bankrupt.

We can now literally walk into any business and implement our knowledge and our strategies to make that business a massive success not just because of our team or our knowledge but also because we have our back cover with my masterminds and coaches.
“Ingredients of the perfect recipe without correct instruction and purpose is just an ingredient”.
Michael Janamian
Digital Marketing Coach and Trainer

Our Team

The only way to create great things every day is with great people who truly enjoy their job, so we make sure to only have the best.

Michael Janamian

Digital Marketing Coach and Trainer

Strongly passionate about business and life. As Digital Marketing agency we have seen all sorts of the struggler’s small business go through and its negative impacts on their health and families. We have been there ourselves too, hence our focus is to make every client a success story because our economy thrives of small business.

Michael’s expertise and strength are developing winning strategies through digital marketing, sales and clients relationship building.

Marion Orosa

Full-Stack Web Developer

10 years ago Marion’s passion and creativity to become top level website developer began. His passion initiated by solving technical difficulties and trouble shooting. If a good friend of yours could solve technical difficulties, would you be reading this? Steve Jobs Said: “It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.”

Marion has developed 100’s of website with ranging from small business website to advance e-commerce system with automation.

Dax Derotas

SEO Strategist

How would it feel like if leads and sales are organically generating through your website because your website appeared on first page of Google?

It was 9 years ago when a good friend of Leonard suggested to start his career in digital marketing world. Leonard decided to learn and work in the SEO division of digital marketing by generating leads through organic search for local and national business.

Mahatma Gandhi said “If you do nothing there will be no results”
Planning, systemising, executing and managing every SEO client is what motivates Leonard which releases serotonin hormone.

Steve Lepes

Data Centre Technician

Why would 25 years of IT infrastructure experience and knowledge be beneficial to a website design Agency you may ask?

One of the usage of the data centre is hosting emails and website files.

It takes an immense knowledge to interlink and stack together the technology behind data centre “host”.

This has boosted our capacity to develop high speed and well optimised website and keeping clients assets maintained.