eCommerce Website

Who needs an eCommerce Website?

Sydney Website Design Agency we highly recommend everyone to have eCommerce website. If you send invoices to your clients for your product or services, you must have an eCommerce on your website.

When was the last time you purchased a product, services or maybe even a software online? Have you noticed over the years the online shopping has grown massively?

The image on the left is what Australian Bureau of statistics reported on online sales.

Many businesses and consumers are going towards online shopping specially through current pandemic environment

Factors to consider!

When considering an eCommerce website there are many factors that every business must consider beforehand many, businesses who are not aware of each process and what needed. We have seen it all, preplanning helps Sydney Website Design Agency and the client to design a functional eCommerce Website.

Each hosting company provider

There are many E Commerce platforms that we can setup product or services on such as WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Ontraport, Clickfunnels, Shopify and many more, each one of these is suitable for different for different products or services.

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Some of the main elements needed before designing eCommerce website.

  • Product descriptions and variances
  • Hosting company that capable of the internet traffic
  • Payment Gateway
  • Delivery method
  • Security of your clients data

For example if you are selling simple product; T shirts online you need to consider the sizes and colours of the shirts that you want to display on the eCommerce website, how would you collect payment? Is there a minimum cart value? What is the security of your website like? How will you manage the process?  Do you want them to buy more buy making other offers or discounts?
Ecommerce website Agency
Ecommerce website Agency
Ecommerce website Agency