Keyword Research For Search Engine Optimization

One main core service at Sydney website design agency is a search engine optimization “SEO”.

Because of our vast experience in search engine optimization is SEO, social media marketing and digital advertising which covers Google advertising, YouTube adverting, social media advertising and placement advertising we believe SEO is one of the main pillars of any business.

Keywords: The words and phrases that a searcher type into search engines because they are seeking for that products or services.

Start-ups Businesses who have reached Sydney website design agency services have even changed their business name based on the searched keywords suggested by Sydney website design agency

There are many paid and Free software’s online that will do the keyword research for you. It is not just about the keyword research it is about knowing what to do with those keywords “the SEO Keyword formula

3 Type of Keywords

  • Short-tail keywords “Has other Names”
    Running Shoes
  • Mid-tail keywords
    Nike Running Shoes
  • Long-tail keywords
    Men’s Nike Running Shoes

Keywords are searched everywhere Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, social media, LinkedIn, and even on voice activated devices.

It is incredibly important to research keywords or phrases that the potential clients or the audience is seeking for.

When researching keywords selecting the right keyword it is the next important stage, through keyword research you must also examine other aspects of keyword research

  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Search volume “desktop and mobile”
  • Identify competitor keywords
  • Related Keywords
  • Topics keywords

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Now we have made decision on what keywords, phrases or topics will be used for that client we need to start structuring into SEO strategies from foundation up. Each SEO strategy has many phases such as, On Site SEO, Off site SEO, Link building, SEO content writing and many more…

keyword research Agency
keyword research Agency
keyword research Agency
keyword research Agency
keyword research Agency